Useful Guide to Instagram Analytics for Business

Useful Guide to Instagram Analytics for Business

In our last blog post, we covered the perks of switching your account to an Instagram business profile. We’re big fans of the extensive Instagram analytics that are provided for free to business profile users and we think you should be too. Since most Instagram users aren’t aware of what they have access to, we’re covering the ins and outs of Instagram insights + how to use them to boost your business. Read on, savvy business owner!

First things first, what are insights?

Insights are analytics that tell you who your followers are and when and when they are most active. In addition, it allows you to see which posts are most successful, and how you’re reaching new audiences. We’re breaking down the three different categories of insights below.


Instagram Analytics (OVERALL)


These analytics let you know who is engaging with your account and how. Keep in mind this includes paid activity (i.e. boosted posts). Access all insights by clicking on the bar graph icon from your profile page, located in the upper right hand corner.

✔️Impressions: The number of times your posts and stories were on-screen (includes duplicate views from the same account). This includes:

  1. Posts that have been shared through direct messages
  2. Posts that have been saved
  3. Posts you’ve been tagged or mentioned in
  4. Post notifications that you’ve been mentioned or tagged in
  5. Posts that show up on the Following tab in your notifications

✔️Reach: The number of unique accounts who viewed your posts and stories (unlike impressions, accounts only get counted once)

✔️Website Clicks: The number of clicks to links you’ve included in your business profile description

✔️Profile Visits: The number of times an account clicks on your username (to visit your profile)


Post Insights


Available at the bottom of each post “view Insights” or via insights icon on your profile page. These analytics will break down the performance of each individual post.

✔️Likes: The number of likes per post
✔️Comments: The number of comments per post
✔️Saves: The number of unique accounts that saved your post
✔️Actions: How many actions were taken from your post. i.e. how many profile visits, follows and website clicks you received directly from a post.
✔️Discovery: How many people who aren’t following you who saw your post
✔️Reach: Number of unique accounts who saw your post
✔️Which days of the week & times are best to post
✔️Audience Demographics: breakdown of your followers (including gender, age and location and when you’re audience is most active)


Story insights


These insights show you how followers are engaging with your story content, and are accessible through the content tab of insights.

✔️Taps forward: The number of taps to skip to the next story
✔️Taps back: The number of taps to go back to a previous story
✔️Replies: The number of messages sent via story
✔️Swipe away: The number of swipes to skip to the next account’s story
✔️Exits: The number of times viewers exit to return to their feed


Knowledge is power, and now that you have detailed analytics on your account activity, use it to ask pertinent questions and boost the success of your business profile. Are you reaching your target audience? What type of content do your followers enjoy most? When are your followers most active? Focus on what works and re-evaluate what doesn’t. Ultimately, you can use the information you’ve gathered to develop your social media strategy and get new followers, increase your rate of engagement (and finally beat the algorithm!) and get more business. It’s a win-win situation if you ask us!