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  • Eva Chen’s Instagram Tips

    If you're like most people in 2018, you're over here scratching your head about how to get your brand ahead on Instagram. You've tirelessly read up on all the blogs about the latest Instagram Tips, listened carefully to all of the social media experts and consulted with all of your friends. Well... lucky for you we've been saving up all of Eva Chen's (the Director of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram) tips & takeaways she's been sharing over the past couple months. Read on below and let us know in the comments what stood out most to you. (more…)

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  • 5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Food Instagram Shot

    By Kaitlin Orr for curated When I started my food blog @Carnivorr three years ago, I had no photography experience. I just loved food and wanted to share what I was eating with other food aficionados. At the beginning, my pictures were absolutely terrible. I didn't understand anything about lighting or making food look appetizing. (Don't believe me? Seriously, scroll back on my feed and look at some of my earliest posts!) But as time passed I started realizing which photos looked better and which ones my friends were liking and commenting on more. I'm certainly no expert, but through a lot of trial and error I've learned a lot more about food photography.    Here are my top 5 tips for getting the perfect food Instagram shot: (more…)

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  • Instagram Inspiration | LA Food

    Instagrammers We Love

    If you live in LA or you're traveling to LA, chances are you're looking for a restaurant to try. Prepare your tastebuds for a roundup of our 10 favorite Los Angeles Food Instagram accounts documenting their latest meals & sharing them with hungry followers.

    @HungryInLA, Food Writer • Traveler • Photographer • L.A. Native


    @FoodWithMichel, iPhone 6 food photographer & macaron manager.


    My Fab5 Los Angeles presents: @BestFoodLA, your local food community.


    Discover LA presents: @DineLA, discover some of the best places to eat in LA.


    @TryItOrDiet Try everything, diet nothing.


    @FoodBeast, your online food haven. Find the best new stories, recipes and food culture.


    @LAPhoodie,  a skinny girl with a big appetite.


    @TheDelicious, eating beautifully everyday.


    @FoodGPS, sharing the best tasting food and drink in California and beyond.


    @LoveAndLoathingLA, one woman on a mission to experience anything and everything in the city of "Las Angeles."


    For more, follow along with us on Instagram @CuratedAgency.

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  • Instagram Inspiration | @ariellevey, @danithebird, @goldwireblog

    Instagrammers We Love

    Gathering up our latest inspiration from Instagram for you!

    Arielle Vey | Instagram: @ariellevey

    Arielle Vey is a photographer & designer based out of San Diego, California. She captures everyday Southern California life in the most perfect way. From ocean shots to colorful sunsets, we are constantly inspired by Arielle's Instagram feed.

    Arielle-Vey-Instagram-1     Arielle-Vey-Instagram-2     Arielle-Vey-Instagram-3

    Dani Colombatto | Instagram: @danithebird

    Dani Colombatto is stylist, blogger, & recipe developer based out of San Diego. If you're mesmerized by perfectly styled scenes, Dani is your girl.

    Dani-Colombatto-Instagram-1     Dani-Colombatto-Instagram-2     Dani-Colombatto-Instagram-3

    GOLDWIRE Blog | Instagram: @goldwireblog

    GOLDWIRE is comprised of photographer Arielle Vey and stylist Dani Colombatto (featured above). Together this duo is cultivating a brighter perspective on eating, cocktailing and living. Current blogging and branding antics take place in San Diego.

    Goldwire-Blog-Instagram-1     Goldwire-Blog-Instagram-2     Goldwire-Blog-Instagram-3

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