• The 7 Best Things We Ate At Infatuation’s EEEEEATSCON

    If you’re a food lover with an Instagram, chances are you follow @infatuation. If you don’t follow them yet, you’ve probably seen their famous hashtag #EEEEEATS floating around on social media, most likely linked to a photo of a burger with a dripping egg on it, or some similar food pornography. The Infatuation is one of the leaders in today’s food scene, best known for its hilarious restaurant reviews and social media domination. They pretty much pioneered the Instagram food craze five years ago, and continued their trendsetting by throwing the first ever food festival. EEEEEATSCON was a day dedicated to all things delicious, showcasing some of LA’s best eats and featuring panels with famous chefs and other innovators in the food world. We sampled pretty much every food they had on site (it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!) and picked our favorites. 1. Chicken Tikka Masala Tots – “You gonna eat your tots?” Famous Indian restaurant Badmaash took their popular Chicken Tikka Poutine and gave it a tater tot upgrade for EEEEEATSCON. Napoleon Dynamite would be proud.EEEEEATSCON-LA-1 (more…)

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  • 9 Hacks to Enhance your Snapchat Game

      Snapchat-Header The announcement of the Instagram algorithm this week has people worried about the future of the platform and what it will mean for their content. Our suggestion is to start thinking about other platforms to incorporate into your social media routine-- enter Snapchat! Whether you're an experienced Snapchat user or new to the platform, we've gathered up some great tips and tricks to enhance your snaps. (more…)

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  • 5 Benefits of Social Media Business Owners Need to Understand

    It's more than just hype. Here are 5 stat-backed benefits of social media marketing. As published on Inc.

    While the importance of social media marketing is generally accepted, the fact that people don't question its value is all the more reason to think about exactly what its value is. The goals of social media marketing can't be just to gain likes, fans, and retweets. These things are not ends, but means to an end. Social media marketing is far more than an online popularity contest, and the better business owners understand that, the better they can use it for their companies. Here are five benefits to social media that business owners need to understand. (more…)

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  • California Dream Eater Visits The Attic

    From Mac n Cheetos at The Attic to top-secret burrito menus, today you can watch the California Dream Eater passionately and hilariously eat his way through some of Southern California’s best restaurants on behalf of foodies everywhere. Created by Visit California, “California Dream Eater” is an original “eatertainment” series that follows culinary connoisseur Chase Ramsey in his search of dream eats across the Golden State. The program, which launched its pilot season during summer 2015 featuring America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, Sacramento, has already received more than 5 million video views. “'California Dream Eater’ is an extraordinary stage to showcase some of California’s most sought- after culinary creations,” said Caroline Beteta, president and CEO of Visit California. “Because the program is crowdsourced, we’re really getting an authentic look at what dream eaters everywhere want to sample, and Chase’s hilarious antics keep them coming back for seconds.” - See more at here.

    The Attic on California Dream Eater.


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  • Where To Get The Best Ice Cream in Los Angeles

    BANNER21 Ice-Cream-LA-Taste-The-Style As published on Taste The Style. We are ice cream aficionados around Los Angeles and Orange County. Maybe it’s our way of embracing the fact that it’s summer 90% of the year? We have sandal temps in January and access to the freshest local produce, so why wouldn’t we take full advantage? From ice cream handmade in small batches to liquid nitrogen concoctions and Milky Buns, you can find it all within the LA/OC county lines — just be prepared to stand in a line for these hot spots. To see a roundup of some of our favorite ice cream spots in LA & OC see the full article on Taste The Style.  

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  • It Girl’s Guide to Melrose Place- Taste The Style

    BANNER21 Melrose-Place-Guide Melrose-Place-Guide-1050x700   As published on Taste The Style. It’s no secret that there is so much sprawl in Los Angeles that you have to drive practically EVERYWHERE. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we love Melrose Place so much. It’s a tree-lined oasis in West Hollywood where you can actually walk around without being at a mall. Melrose Place is one of LA’s best kept secrets — the triangle between Melrose Avenue, La Cienega and Melrose Place is home to numerous upscale LA brands and plenty of photo ops. Be sure you bring your camera with you on this adventure, because it didn’t happen if you don’t have photos to prove it. To see a roundup of some of our favorite spots visit Taste The Style.

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    Zephirin_BO-002-type_1 Innovative luxury eyewear brand Jacques Marie Mage (J.M.M.) has partnered with Oklahoma’s finest eyewear retailer Black Optical to create a special-edition spectacle inspired by Oklahoma’s great frontier—home to the venerable Osage Nation, the great Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, and some of the last roaming herds of American Bison. This cultural heritage is at the heart of this unique collaboration, culminating in the production of the Zephirin, Hatfield and Dealan: American Bison Edition. The result are historically inspired designs expertly made in Japan and hand-wrapped by Italian artisans in ecologically sourced Bison leather. The bison hide is sourced from buffalo ranches that farm the bison for meat, ensuring that no part of the great prairie animal is left to waste. The leather used displays a distinct pebbled grain, having been shrunk during tanning by over 30% for a superior and stunning texture. (more…)

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  • The Attic Featured in the Press Telegram

    The Attic on Broadway in Long Beach is featured on the cover of the CHEERS! section in the Press Telegram.

    The-Attic-Cheers-Cover (more…)

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  • The Attic Emojis: Creative Marketing Collateral

    We worked with our social media marketing client, The Attic in Long Beach, California to develop a fun, creative marketing collateral project.

    INSPIRATION It's a fact- everyone loves emojis! Emojis are pop culture staples in today's digital communication world and they're here to stay. Even though Apple just release a series of new emojis with the iOS 9.1 update, we're sad to report that there was no Mac N' Cheetos or Meaty Man Bloody Mary emoji. We took matters into our own hands and designed two emojis based on The Attic's most popular menu items.  

    This creative marketing collateral created a buzz around The Attic's most viral menu items, encouraged social media engagement and gave their customers creative collateral to become brand ambassadors for The Attic. The designs are now being repurposed on merchandise to create additional revenue streams for the restaurant.

    Since you can't add these emoji on your keyboard, we added them to The Attic's blog where users could save the images to their camera roll and use them in text messages to their friends. The announcement of The Attic emojis send 316+ direct hits to The Attic's blog. Artwork by Ricky Ostendi.   The-Attic-Mac-N-Cheese-Emoji The-Attic-Bloody-Mary-Emoji

    Announcement of the emojis:

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  • How to Write a Perfect Blog Post (Social Media Today)

    Curated-Agency-Perfect-Blog-PostBy Sarah Snow as seen on Social Media Today. Once upon a time, not too long ago, I wanted to write the perfect blog post. I wanted to write the most shareable, clickable, readable, memorable post that I could. But how? The first stop in my quest? An infographic from Salesforce Canada. But before I could even write the post, I needed to come up with the best headline ever. According to Salesforce Canada “your traffic can vary by as much as 500% based on your headline. There’s a science to writing the title of your post, and ignoring best practices will ensure your post gets largely ignored.” (more…)

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