Social Media Contests that will Boost your Business

At this point, you’ve seen a brand host a social media contest, you’ve entered in hopes of winning a sweet prize, maybe a friend has tagged you in a brand’s Instagram giveaway or perhaps you even remember the Red Swimsuit Fiasco.


Hosting successful social media contests are an integral part of building your brand’s successful social media strategy. They offer value to your social media followers, build trust and boost hype around your business.


We’re sharing:

  • ✔️Our favorite social media contest ideas
  • ✔️Our best practices
  • ✔️Social media rules and regulations for your promotions that you must follow for each platform


First things first, in our experience the highest performing contests run when the barriers to entry are low.


It’s unbelievably hard to get people to stop their scroll and click over to your website where they have to sign up or comment on your blog post. It’s possible, but the prize has to be REALLY good (like an HGTV Dream Home, good).

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Eva Chen’s Instagram Tips

If you’re like most people in 2018, you’re over here scratching your head about how to get your brand ahead on Instagram. You’ve tirelessly read up on all the blogs about the latest Instagram Tips, listened carefully to all of the social media experts and consulted with all of your friends.

Well… lucky for you we’ve been saving up all of Eva Chen‘s (the Director of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram) tips & takeaways she’s been sharing over the past couple months. Read on below and let us know in the comments what stood out most to you.

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Must Visit Restaurants in San Francisco

12 Must Visit Restaurant in San Francisco By Kaitlin Orr + bonus suggestions from a local..

1. The Mill – OMG this toast is TRULY LIFE CHANGING!!! I don’t know what Josey puts in his bread (magic, probably) but this is the best damn toast I’ve ever had in my life. I tried three of their bestsellers (Cinnamon Sugar, Avocado Lemon, Almond Butter + Honey) and am proud (embarrassed?) to say that I finished all three by myself. That good. Added bonus: the fantastic latte by Four Barrel Coffee was just what I needed after a 6am flight.

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5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Food Instagram Shot

By Kaitlin Orr for curated

When I started my food blog @Carnivorr three years ago, I had no photography experience. I just loved food and wanted to share what I was eating with other food aficionados. At the beginning, my pictures were absolutely terrible. I didn’t understand anything about lighting or making food look appetizing. (Don’t believe me? Seriously, scroll back on my feed and look at some of my earliest posts!) But as time passed I started realizing which photos looked better and which ones my friends were liking and commenting on more. I’m certainly no expert, but through a lot of trial and error I’ve learned a lot more about food photography. 


Here are my top 5 tips for getting the perfect food Instagram shot:

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Chefs Embrace the Power of the ‘Instagram Juggernaut’ | Grub Street

Client, Vartan Abgaryan’s (Chef/Partner 71Above) excerpt from Grub Street’s Chefs Embrace the Power of the ‘Instagram Juggernaut’ on why he hired curated to manage his social media presence.

Despite their reservations, most high-end chefs have embraced social media wholeheartedly. Vartan Abgaryan, the chef and partner at 71Above in downtown Los Angeles, says that he has yet to see any real downside to Instagram in his kitchen or dining room. At first, he was charmed when he noticed people tagging their friends to make dinner plans in the comments of the pictures of food, before he realized what a powerful marketing tool was at his disposal and hired someone full time to manage and monitor his restaurant’s Instagram presence.

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6 Foods That Stole The Spotlight At Gov Ball

Gone are the days of bland burgers on stale buns with a side of flavorless fries – music festival food has gotten a serious upgrade (and we couldn’t be happier). We started to notice this trend a few years back when visiting famous San Francisco fest, Outside Lands. From the start, they honored local restaurants, beer and wine companies to showcase some of the best food the Bay Area had to offer. The emphasis, of course, was still on the music, but also highlighted all forms of art – live mural painting, stand-up comedy, and, yes, culinary art. As eaters became pickier and Instagram food blogs multiplied, other festivals followed suit, including NYC’s Gov Ball.

This year, The Infatuation (remember those famous food lovers behind EEEEEATSCON?) curated an entire lineup of popular New York foods for the festival. Time to share the spotlight, musicians! Food just might be the main event.

Here are our favorites from the weekend:

  1. Cookie Do – Surely you’ve heard of the edible cookie dough craze that’s sweeping the nation! Not only is it totally dough-licious, but we only had to wait 15 minutes in line for it at Gov Ball (instead of 3 hours at their NYC shop)!Gov-Ball-Food-6

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The 7 Best Things We Ate At Infatuation’s EEEEEATSCON

If you’re a food lover with an Instagram, chances are you follow @infatuation. If you don’t follow them yet, you’ve probably seen their famous hashtag #EEEEEATS floating around on social media, most likely linked to a photo of a burger with a dripping egg on it, or some similar food pornography. The Infatuation is one of the leaders in today’s food scene, best known for its hilarious restaurant reviews and social media domination. They pretty much pioneered the Instagram food craze five years ago, and continued their trendsetting by throwing the first ever food festival. EEEEEATSCON was a day dedicated to all things delicious, showcasing some of LA’s best eats and featuring panels with famous chefs and other innovators in the food world.

We sampled pretty much every food they had on site (it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!) and picked our favorites.

1. Chicken Tikka Masala Tots – “You gonna eat your tots?” Famous Indian restaurant Badmaash took their popular Chicken Tikka Poutine and gave it a tater tot upgrade for EEEEEATSCON. Napoleon Dynamite would be proud.EEEEEATSCON-LA-1

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